To spread wider awareness about Free and Open Source Software, the ministry of Technology and Communications in partnership with Sultan Qaboos University and Middle East College, organize the first free and open source software BootCamp under the theme of “4IR & Emerging Technologies, DevOps Tools, Digital Content Development” which started yesterday on Monday, 9 March, and will continue to Wednesday, 11 March in Middle East College.

FOSS BootCamp witnessed the attendance of over 150 participants including undergraduate students, Job seekers, employees, IT enthusiasts and professionals from Oman and GCC and MENA Region. FOSS BootCamp includes significant series of training workshops related to Free and Open Source Software such as cyberSecurity using Open Source tools, Identity management in Linux environments and MS Active Directory integration, WordPress for intermediate Web developers and Introduction to Laravel Framework.

The event aims to enable participants to understand free open source software (FOSS) technologies and encourage the development of FOSS applications and solutions. Moreover, it seek to promote the adoption of such applications and solutions in work environments and the continuation of enriching the GCC market with these services.

 The BootCamp focuses on a number of topics in the field of free and open source software technologies including developing commercial activities using FOSS, promoting innovation, creativity, security and privacy, education, knowledge, Algorithms, devices, platforms and encourage local resources to seek careers& business in IT projects, particularly in FOSS technologies.

18 workshops and lectures are held over 3 days that will support the skills and abilities of participants. Yesterday, after the welcome address, 6 workshops were presented on several topics like Cyber Security using Open Source tools, Identity management in Linux environments, MS Active Directory integration and The Journey from Microsoft and Mac OS to the Linux world.