• 9 ,10,11 / 03 /2020
  • Middle East College


Objective Of FOSS BootCamp : Ministry of Technology and Communications (MTC) , Middle East College (MEC) and College of Engineering at Sultan Qaboos…

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Venue : The BootCamp is hosted by Middle East College (Student Hub) located at Muscat the Capital of the Sultanate…

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Sponsors And Partners

FOSS BootCamp2020 is sponsored and supported by a number of well-known local and international organisations.

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  • 4IR & emerging technologies

    ex. AI, IoT, Security, Tensorflow, Keras Scikit-learn, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit Theano, Caffe, Torch Python, R, OpenCV, DeviceHive Kaa, Arduino, Home Assistant.

  • DevOps tools

    Ansible, Docker, Chef, Git, Hudson, Jenkins, OneOps, Puppet, Salt, Vagrant Linux Bash scripts,…

  • Digital Content Development

    Gimp, Blender, Laravel, Django, Drubal, WordPress, Java Spring, Liferay, Godot engine..

Creative Common  SPEAKERS

Mazen Al Aghbari

Lab technician, Nizwa Univerity

Nikos Zaharioudakis

General Manager, Cloud Open Space Company

Fahad Al-Saidi

Senior Projects specialist, MTC

Mohammed Jedad

Head Section Of Meteorology Devices Maintenance, Public Authority Civil Aviation (PACA)


Workshop Title: Create a professional website and logo in the easiest way possible

Facilitator: Fahad Alsaidi

Workshop Title: Identity management in Linux environments and MS Active Directory integration

Facilitator: Nikos Zaharioudakis

Workshop Title: Introduction to Laravel Framework

Facilitator: Gheith Alrawahi

Workshop Title: WordPress for intermediate Web developers

Facilitator: Mazen Al-Aghbari