• 9 ,10,11 / 03 /2020
  • Middle East College


Objective Of FOSS BootCamp : Ministry of Technology and Communications (MTC) , Middle East College (MEC) and College of Engineering at Sultan Qaboos…

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Venue : The BootCamp is hosted by Middle East College (Student Hub) located at Muscat the Capital of the Sultanate…

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Sponsors And Partners

FOSS BootCamp2020 is sponsored and supported by a number of well-known local and international organisations.

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  • 4IR & emerging technologies

    ex. AI, IoT, Security, Tensorflow, Keras Scikit-learn, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit Theano, Caffe, Torch Python, R, OpenCV, DeviceHive Kaa, Arduino, Home Assistant.

  • DevOps tools

    Ansible, Docker, Chef, Git, Hudson, Jenkins, OneOps, Puppet, Salt, Vagrant Linux Bash scripts,…

  • Digital Content Development

    Gimp, Blender, Laravel, Django, Drubal, WordPress, Java Spring, Liferay, Godot engine..

Creative Common  SPEAKERS

Speaker: Abhas Abhinav

Founder, DeepRoot GNU/Linux

Speaker: Mohammad Ali Abdul-Qader

Co-founder & CTO at Sprintive


Workshop Title: Hello Drupal

Facilitator: Mohammad Ali Abdul-Qader

Workshop Title: Using docker to package and distribute software and services

Facilitator: Abhas Abhinav

Workshop Title: Using ansible to make reproducible setups

Facilitator: Abhas Abhinav

Workshop Title: Using vagrant and libvirt to build and share dev environment

Facilitator: Abhas Abhinav