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Oman Free & Open Source Software Platform is an initiative among a number of FOSS Capacity Building Programs jointly launched by Information Technology Authority and College of Engineering at Sultan Qaboos University

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Why FOSS?!

Privacy and Security

National security is a prime concern for governments worldwide. Unfortunately, national security is not a product that can be simply purchased from other countries. In terms of software security, using open source software is considered the first step towards guaranteeing national security.

Rich Feature Set

Due to the rapid growth of the code base, many FOSS projects has been much faster than its rival proprietary software. This is because in the FOSS model many companies, groups, and even individuals work on the same project at the same time.

Low Cost

FOSS has helped many companies to save considerable budget, especially in software licensing.The cost due to software licensing can draw a huge expenditure for enterprise companies as well as government agencies running a large number of desktops and servers.

Local Software Industry

While proprietary software has its own international developers and supporters, adopting FOSS motivates local IT companies to provide software services like technical support, training, customization, and development.


FOSS Awareness

Awareness on Free & Open Source Software history, concepts, business models and local initiatives




FOSS Training

Specialized training in different Free and Open Source Software Technologies.




FOSS Consultation

Free and Open Source Software Consultation for Government and Private organizations.




FOSS Technical Support

Technical Support on different Free & Open Source Technologies




Ready to join us?

We are looking for FOSS talents with development skills, Marketing, Publishing & Event management.